Tyler Funk: Project lead, core gameplay, main Rovey animations (idle, walk, jump, fall), camera control, conveyor belt, lava launcher, waypoint system, moving platform support, spring pad, bounds detection, player health UI, alien egg, caledera scene and related model, title to options transitions, persistent menu options, jetpack bar, ship animation scene, story skip, checkpoint placement, pause screen

Marcel van Dijk: Models (rock, volcanos, dead tree, dead grass variations, reeds, lollypop plant, trees, tentacle enemy, spiked vine, big leaf), initial jungle environment, tutorial scene, skybox, wind effect (tree, grass), jungle lighting

Jeremiah Franczyk: Jungle/swamp level design, jetpack particles, story screen, space background, flip platform featureBjorn The Fire: Additional player animations and related integration (landing, knockback stagger), jetpack control improvements for series of jumps

Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila: Bouncy castle (level, related models and materials, rainbow, pickups placement), bubble blower, beacon beam, additional conveyor work, navigation arrows, lava (texture, splash particles, lavafalls), projected platforming shadow, initial player particle systems, typewriter script

Simon J Hoffiz: Music (lava, swamp/jungle, forest)

Ulises Zamora Montes: Spaceship textures, swamp stump, lava platform, poison flower pod, bouncy castle lighting

Michael "Misha" Fewkes: Player sound design, lava monster, advanced music system, sound integration

I-wei Chen: Metal platforms, grass and dirt platforms, temple model, collectible model

Carson Sanders: Collectibles, pickups in tutorial, collectible counter

Trenton Pegeas: Mine (model and implementation), roller enemy patrol bot

Brian Nielsen: Title screen layout, menu mouse control, opening menu sequence

Cassidy Noble: Additional jungle stage decoration

Lexi "LexiGameDev" Kunkel: Jet pack tutorial area

Kornel: Bounciness system

Chris Deleon: Credits


Rovey_win10.zip 143 MB

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